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The Christian Journey

Discipleship material ideal for new comers/converts class, small group, and one-on-one discipling,


"Excellent job in detailing specific subjects necessary in discipleship training.  Well-written, clear, and user-friendly.  Doris has provided an wonderful tool for churches and individuals to use as an effective guide in discipleship." - Alan Stewart Sr. Pastor Rechoboth Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN 

"The Christian Journey is a marvelous trek down the Christian path. The content is biblically sound and the format guides one practically through key doctrines in the Christian faith. This stellar work would benefit an individual greatly and be an excellent tool for a group doing serious Bible study. As a pastor with three decades of experience I highly recommend The Christian Journey." - Ken Burge, Sr. Pastor at Colmar Manor Bible Church, Riverdale, MD

"A true guidepost. The Christian Journey charts God's truth, designing the perfect roadmap for those who seek to follow Christ and understand His purpose and direction for their lives. Doris Homan, motivated by her love for God and a desire to share His love with others, has created an amazing study that is both timeless and relevant in teaching the tenets of the Christian faith and modeling life-on-life discipleship. No matter your level of maturity, new believer or lifelong lover of Jesus, The Christian Journey has every potential to Spiritually grow those who engage in its lessons." - Davia Rinehart, Women's Ministries & Small Group Leader, Delmar, MD

"I used it in my own personal bible study and found it so informative. It was long enough to get deep into the Bible and really learn but didn't take more than 30 minutes which is nice with a busy schedule. I was also able to use it as a tool when co-leading our church college bible study." - Jaclyn Schwenk

"Very helpful to me when trying to apply Christian principles in daily life."  - Donna Malone

"This is one of the most comprehensive and easily to understood Bible studies in which I have participated. It really got to the core of what I wanted to learn. I highly recommend that you spend your time in this study" - Kay Edwards

"Accurate and scripture-based. Balanced as far as homework (just the right amo and those who have been Christians for years. It takes great skill to develop a Bible study that can accomplish that. They are usally too general or too deep." - Anne Wakefield 

"This is biblically based study that walks you through the basic principles of the faith. It's a winner!" - Betsy Anderson

"It brought me deeper into the Word and more clarification of the end times. Thank you so much for your love of being a great mentor to us younger women. You are a true Titus woman." - Tina Woods

"I've known Doris for over 20 years and have seen her passion for God's Word as she has led women's Bible studies. I remember her beginning to have a vision for writing her own Bible study to help Christians grow and now I see that vision fulfilled in her new book, The Christian Journey. Doris is a woman of prayer and a woman of the Word. I'm excited to see how her studies will impact individuals and the church. Part One and Two, are useful tools to grow believers to a solid foundation of faith and beyond." - Tracey Parrott/friend, Bible study and women's ministry co-leader Antioch Church, 

"Doris is an amazing woman with a passion for God's Word and His people. This study guide is a testimony to her dreams, skills, passion and commitment. Her sincere desire to help others in their faith journey and her genuine love for people is real. Having sat with Doris in a number of bible studies, I know firsthand that this book will draw you into a deeper faith and experience of the grace, mercy, peace, and love of our Heavenly Father." - Kurt Loock

"Doris is a very humble Christian leader in our community; she generously offers her talents and gifts with our small group. Her dedication to teaching others the Word of God is at the heart of writing The Christian Journey. This study guide will establish you in your relationship with Christ and in your understanding of the Bible. She is a true warrior for the Body of Christ." - Todd Carson

About Me

My background

Doris Homan has been actively participating in women's ministries since the mid 1990s in the capacity of teaching Bible studies, leading small groups, speaking at women's faith-based events, one-on-one discipleship and Christian counseling.

Devotions, Bible study, video teachings, faith and religion

My faith

 "I grew up in a very religious environment but it wasn't till I learned that Christianity is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and not a religion that it became life-changing for me."  Doris Homan 

My Story

I was born in Cairo, Egypt, in a very strict religious environment. I grew up attending church and loved Sunday school as a child. I desired to know God but somehow He seemed far. At the age of 9 my family and I Immigrated to the US. It was a difficult time of transition for me. Finding myself in a foreign land with no extended family or friends, I struggled with loneliness and a sense of not belonging for many years. 

A couple of important things happened in my teen years; I was invited to attend an evangelical church and around the same time, some friends from high school asked me to attend Campus Crusade meetings. I began to attend both regularly and for the first time in my life I heard that I could have a relationship with God and know Him personally. This was amazing and a defining moment for me. This is what I really had desired all along, not religion but a relationship!

I struggled for a while as I felt I was already a believer in Christ but one evening, after church, I remember sitting in my room and talking to God. I acknowledged my faith in Him and my desire to have a relationship with Him. I turned leadership of my life over to Him to transform me into the person He intended me to be. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Slowly I began to study the Bible, pray and grow in my relationship with Christ. Over time, I began to see many changes in my life. Christ took a very shy and insecure girl and transformed her into someone He can use to initiate and reach out to others. I never thought I could stand before a group of people and speak, let alone prepare lessons and teach the Bible. He gave me a purpose and a mission. (Galatians 2:20)

During my college years I met my husband and a year later, we got married. In my thirties, the Lord began to stir in me a real desire for teaching the Bible to women. I had the opportunity to attend several training seminars by Precept Ministries and through the inductive study method, I learned how to study, prepare and lead Bible studies. 

God has given me a heart and a passion to see people  established in His Word and using their spiritual gifts in service for Him in their local church. For the past 25  years I have led women’s Bible Studies, 6 years leading women’s Sunday school class as well as small group. It’s been a joy to work in women’s ministry side by side with other women of faith. 

Soon after a Bible Study series on the Names of God, one of our ladies was diagnosed with cancer and went through a long period of treatment and recovery. I will never forget when she told me that if it wasn’t for the Names of God study we had just completed, her faith would not have been as strong during this storm in her life. 

Another important part of women’s ministry is developing future leaders. I am passionate about seeing women grow into future teachers and leaders so they can train other women on their journey with Christ. (II Timothy 2:2) 

A few years ago I saw a need for this curriculum; material that covers the basic aspects of the Christian life all in one study guide. This study is the culmination of the last 35 years of my walk with Christ. It is important as a follower of Christ to know what we believe and why we believe it. It is my heart’s desire and goal that this curriculum will have an impact in women’s lives and firmly establish them in the scriptures. It is one thing to read the Bible and another thing to study it; to dig deeper. I have often said to my ladies that the Word of God is like a mine; the more we dig the more treasure we will find. 

This journey has taken over 6 years to compile with numerous revisions. I had the opportunity to take a group of about 20 women through this study after which many more revisions followed as I saw areas for improvement.

About 4 years after writing this material, God brought Davia Rinehart into my life through a mutual friend. Davia has been engaged in discipling women (disciples of Christ) for many years. Living about 500 miles away, she graciously came to Cincinnati to meet with me several times. I am so grateful for how she has invested of herself in this project. I am indebted to her for the hours she has spent reviewing the curriculum and hours of meeting with me with her suggestions and recommendations; her godly perspective and insight enriched this material. God also sent others into my life to provide input on content and editing. 

It’s such a privilege to serve our faithful God. I love the opportunities He continues to give me to come alongside other women especially and pour into their lives. Discipleship is the heart of my calling. 

Galatians 2:20, describes my new life “I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life that i now live, I live by faith in the name of the son of God who loves me and gave Himself for me.

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